Why Hire DJ Chris?

As a child, you are taught to dream big and hope that you will become the next astronaut, president, or medical doctor - but my big plan was a bit different! I wanted to play music in front of an audience as my profession.

Whether I was listening to Stevie Wonder on my father’s radio or rockin' out Prince’s 1999 double-LP on my turntable, music has always shaped my life - and I want to help people by providing an experience that will shape the memories of your important milestones in the most positive way.

How Long Has Christopher Been DJing for?

Christopher London has been a professional DJ since 1999 and continues to stay up to speed with popular artists, songs, and genres. Whatever the genre you are looking for, Chris will be able to handle it with poise and professionalism!

Get to Know Christopher's Personal Tastes in Music

Every DJ has their own preference as to what type of music they like the best. Some like to play hip hop while others solely play 70s rock, but I have grown up listening to so much music that I have  experience with playing any type of genre. From the rock 'n roll era, the classic rock era, disco, funk, soul, pop, jazz, country to some hip hop & rap, you can tell me your music preferences and we can dial in a mix that is perfect for you AND your event.

Enough about me - let's connect and get your next party started ASAP!

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