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Raechale Rivera, 1/19/2019 Wedding, The Inn at St Johns, Plymouth MI.

We were so blessed to have Chris DJ our wedding! Everything was more than I could have expected! He kept everything on point and on time. I am telling everyone that this is the man you need!!

More Than Just Music

Do you want the most appropriate style of music for your wedding and a truly enjoyable and memorable experience?

I can ensure that your wedding will be enhanced with the most personalized and guest-appropriate music to energize you and your guests.

This ability comes from the dedication of my entire professional career in perfecting the way DJing impacts each unique event’s style and flow.

Being obsessive about the small details often overlooked by other DJs will help make your event run smoothly while leaving you stress-free.

Your wedding day is important! I will mix records flawlessly, creating more energy on the dance floor, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, I am able to effectively ‘read the room’, to modify the style and tempo of the music to keep the energy both flowing and appropriate at all times.

From custom-tailored play-lists to coordinating with your photographer and officiant, I create future memories you and your guests will cherish.

In short, I take the time to understand your unique requirements and desires to ensure that your special day truly fulfills the message of love and entertainment you want for your wedding.

Let us email you a demo of what your DJ will sound like. Click below for your FREE DEMO!

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